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Alphamonak Solutions: The best ERP Solution Provider in Ghana and Africa.

Alphamonak Solutions Started of in 2010 as Alphamonarch Consult a technology firm focused on Networks. In time request form customers for the development of web portals and complex e-commerce platforms caused the company to change course and move into the Software developement and ERP space. With each build, our customers experienced improved efficiency, increased profitability, and a new ability to grow. We want all companies to have this experience, but we know there are so many small businesses that cannot afford custom systems.

In 2012 Alphamonak Solution started a flexible feature rich and robust ERP for the Ghanaian and African market called Redapple to allow its customers get the benefits of an ERP system for a fraction of the cost. This was to enable smaller companies can benefit from comprehensive ERP processes like improved order workflows, customer buying journeys, and accounting.

In 2016 Alphamonarch Consult rebranded and changed the company name to Alphamonak Solutions and in 2020, Alphamonak rebranded its ERP solution, as Monak ERP. Monak ERP implementations are supported by our software development experts, providing the same level of powerful computing our custom software clients are accustom to. With our extensive experience in the development, implementation, and maintenance of cloud-based solutions, Alphamonak is uniquely qualified to connect SMEs with a cloud-based ERP like Monak ERP.

Alphamonak whole-heartedly believes in Monak ERP’s ability to revolutionize data management and data flow for long-term strength. In-turn we’re passionate about providing comprehensive services and consultation through our transparent, honest, and thorough business analysis.

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